The Best Foods To Take Camping

Going camping for long periods of time is usually always limited by the amount of good food that is available. While most other gear can be used as many times as the camper needs, eventually they will run out of perishable supplies and may need to turn make, meaning that there’s always a time limit on how much time they can spend in the outdoors.

For the camper that prepares properly, however, it’s possible to push the amount of time they can go camping simply by choosing the right foods to take with. Here we will look at some of the very best foods to take on long camping trips.

Trail Mix

Finding a quiet spot up in the mountains often involves a long and exhausting journey, so a camper will want to make sure that they have enough calories coming in to ensure that they don’t run out of energy halfway through their hike. One of the best and healthiest sources of calories that a camper can take with them is trail mix.

Usually consisting of various nuts, seeds, and dried berries, trail mix is the perfect combination of healthy fats and carbohydrates, and thanks to how long trail mix can last, it’s easy enough to pack up a bag of it and snack on it throughout the camping trip. Walnuts, goji berries, peanuts, and raisins are all excellent choices for making home-made trail mix.


Biscuits are not quite as healthy as trail mix, but they are a great source of calories, especially early in the morning when a camper is trying to wake up. Plenty of carbs and sugar in a form that can last for months when sealed properly, biscuits should be part of any camper’s bag of supplies before they head off into the wild.

Choosing biscuits that have more whole food ingredients can increase the amount of time that the biscuits provide energy, but even cheap biscuits can help a camper get started first thing in the morning.

Canned Foods

Canned foods are perfect for extended camping trips. Just about any food imaginable can be sealed in a can, and they can last for years at a time as long as the can remains sealed. Beans are a good starting point, as not only do beans cover a large range of daily recommended vitamins and minerals, but they’re also packed with fibre, something that all campers will need in abundance.

Even a few cans of cheap baked beans are a great source of calories – but it’s also worth keeping in mind that canned foods are heavy, so it’s important not to overload the pack and make carrying it too burdensome, but they’re great for opening and putting on a fire to cook while the camper enjoys some downtime with New Zealand election betting.

Peanut Butter

Lastly, a small jar of peanut butter is an absolute must for the camper wanting to spend as much time in the wilderness as possible. Peanut butter is calorie-rich and nutrient-dense, and when combined with biscuits or crackers, is a quick and easy method of topping up on calories.

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