The Best Camping Lanterns Money Can Buy

Going camping in the outdoors inevitably means that when night descends; things are going to start getting dark very quickly. And if there isn’t a bright fire going, the next best option is a lantern.

Lanterns come in many shapes, sizes, and types, and while an old-school oil lantern may seem like a good idea, a rechargeable, battery-operated lantern is generally a better idea.

For those that are searching for the perfect camping lantern that’s both reliable and practical, these are the top five picks.

1. Alpkit Trinity Camping Lantern

This lantern, while on the smaller size, packs plenty of power, and doubles up as a torch. Its bulb boasts 190 lumens, meaning that it works well as both a standing lantern and as a regular torch that can be taken with on any adventure. It’s a lightweight and cheap option that offers plenty of practicality, and thanks to its small stature, it can fit into just about any bag or compartment.

The Alpkit Trinity runs off of AA batteries, meaning that it’s easy enough to have the power source replaced, but it also means that it cannot be recharged.

2. Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

Another lightweight option for those that don’t have huge amounts of space available, the Black Diamond Apollo is the ultimate choice for a stowaway emergency lighting system that offers 225 lumens and a battery life of up to 90 hours.

It has multiple mods, including strobe and dimming, and works as a portable battery pack with an integrated USB slot, allowing for the charging of other gadgets while on the move, meaning that campers can continue using their smartphones and not miss a single game of the best online slot machines available in Australia.

3. Coleman Twist Batterylock Lantern

Much like the above entry, the Coleman Batterylock works as both a light source and a portable battery pack, complete with USB functionality that can charge just about anything that needs a recharge.

The lantern itself can offer 300 lumens at full charge, enough to brighten up large campsites with ease. The lowest setting provides a softer 50 lumens of light, perfect for setting up in a tent.

4. Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lamp

This standing lantern is a little on the heavier side as compared to the others, but it makes up for the extra weight with its list of extras and functionality.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Goal Zero is that small hand-crank that’s built into it, allowing the user to generate light even if the battery has long since died, making it a great choice for truly off-grid camping.

It comes with robust legs and a hook, meaning that it can go just about anywhere, and its 400 lumen bulb should provider more than enough light for any camping experience.

5. Biolite Baselantern XL

The Biolite is arguably the best overall choice for the perfect lantern, although it is on the more expensive side.

The extra cost means that it comes with plenty of goodies, such as app-controlled lighting modes, programmable settings, a variety of custom light colours, and a USB charger. With 500 lumens on hand, it’s a brilliant all-rounder that works in any situation

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