8 Handy Things to Pack for Your Day Hike

No matter where you are hiking or which terrain you want to scale, you should always pack your hiking bag well. Keeping the proper equipment with you is essential, especially when things go wrong or when you need a bit of extra assistance.

Whether you are a first time hiker or have been at it for years, packing crucial day hiking gear is paramount if you want to have a safe and productive trip! Here are 8 essential things that you should always have in your day hiking bag.

#1: Navigation Tools

Maps are important when you will be scaling new terrains that you are not familiar with. Be sure to brush up on your map reading skills before heading out into the wild too!

We recommend keeping your navigation tools in a waterproof folder or sack to keep them from getting damp or damaged. If you prefer a technological approach, you can also use a GPS device or download a phone app like the one you’d use to play Aussie pokies games online to help out.

#2: Sun Protection

Protect yourself from sunburn and heat stroke by always having sun protection on hand. Pack sunscreen, an SPF lip balm, polarised sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat and protective clothing for every hike. Sun damaged skin just isn’t worth it!

#3: Insulation

The weather can take a turn at any time in the wilderness. Bring an extra insulation layer of clothes with you – preferably clothing that will dry quickly. A waterproof hooded jacket is a great option.

#4: Light Sources

No matter what, you should always have a headlamp or torch in your hiking pack! This is essential for emergencies, getting lost, or checking the safety of your surroundings. Pack some extra batteries just in case.

#5: First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and it pays to be well prepared. You can buy a pre-packaged first aid kit or make your own, but be sure that it has the basics necessary for hikes and walks. As you gain experience on the trail, you can pad out your kit with extras that you think you may need.

#6: Fire Starters

Being able to start a fire is important while on a hike, even on a day hike. Bring with you a few basic BIC lighters, some storm-proof matches, and some fire-starter cubes. Having more than one option will assist you if your first method gets damp or doesn’t work for some reason.

#7: Repair Kit and Tools

A Swiss Army Knife or multi-purpose pen knife is perfect for all kinds of situations. Duct tape and Tenacious Tape are also fantastic for repairing things that might break or become damaged during a hike.

#8: Healthy Snacks and Water

What you eat on your hike has a lot to do with your performance and energy levels. Whole foods snack bars, dried fruit, nuts, sandwiches and fruits are all great options that will sustain you over hours. Be sure to bring along at least 2L of clean water per person too!

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