The Best Desert Getaways Worth Seeing

There is something truly relaxing about being in the desert. Despite the dryness, the openness and vastness of the area, the lack of other people, and the truly breathtaking views of the night’s sky are just a few different reasons that make desert getaways so appealing.

There are few other places on planet earth that offer the same level of isolation, and while that might be a scary notion to some, there are many among us who just need a break from the bustle and noise of our modern and fast paced existence.

Fortunately for those few, there are a multitude of different desert getaways scattered around the world that can offer a weary traveller plenty of peace and quiet to recuperate.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is considered the very hottest region on the entire planet, with a recent high temperature reaching an unprecedented 54 degrees Celsius. This is a region where visitors are required to follow a strict set of survival rules in case something goes wrong. It’s also where the land can get so hot that it can melt and pop vehicle tyres, meaning that it’s important to have a good supply of backup supplies.

And while it may be a wonder as to why anyone would go to such an inhospitable place, it’s uniqueness is what makes it appealing. There is wildlife to be found, despite the high heat. It’s not for everyone, but it offers a level of solitude that not many others can match.

The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert, found in the southern African country of Namibia, is the oldest desert in the world, and has some of the best views that planet earth has on offer. It’s a vast and barren place that has some truly specialised flora and fauna, and it’s become a favourite for photographers due to its stunning landscapes.

The Namibia is also a country that takes its conservation seriously, meaning that there has been a marked rise in the amount of wildlife within the country, making it truly an wild African adventure, even to this day.

Along with the hiking trails, visitors are also able to stay at the many lodges that can be found throughout the desert, many of which are directly involved with local conservation efforts, making it a great way to kick back and relax with family while enjoying the landscape, the food, and even dabbling in Aussie betting guides with the free time.

Chile’s Atacama Desert

Chile is a country of extremes, with incredible snow-peaked mountains that give way to deserts that are so alien that they could be mistaken for the Martian landscape. The Atacama Desert is able to boast views of the Milky Way that can be seen with the naked eye coupled with the nearby town of San Pedro de Atacama, which is a 10000 year old village still standing today.

It’s also home to the world’s largest telescope and offers a wide range of different hiking trails across the massive, 1 million hectare desert that has become a tourist hotspot in the last ten years.

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