Essential Backpacking Tips And Tricks

Is there anything worse than reaching into your backpack for an item, only to realise you forgot to pack it? It can be more than just an inconvenience, it can entirely ruin the trip. That’s why it is essential to have a tried and tested list of tips, tricks and essential items.

Take a look at our list, and remember to bookmark it. You would also be wise to check it twice before heading out.

Packing Cubes

Before we even get to essential items, let’s first think about separate packing cubes. Packing cubes have an enormous overall benefit when roughing it in the wild. Not only do they help massively in organising your backpack and other luggage, many are also waterproof. If you didn’t already know; having an organised, waterproof bag is among the most important parts of being a pro camper. A good set of cubes is also relatively inexpensive, so if you haven’t picked up a set now, think about doing so sooner rather than later.

Diverse Walking Shoes

Most grab their best hiking boots, and head off with a smile on their face. Yes, this is a pretty good approach, but what many forget is that hiking is only part of the journey. You are also going to be back at camp for a large part of the trip, remember? You won’t want to spend that part of the experience stomping around in boots. Remember to pack a pair of comfortable sandals for around the campsite.

Comfortable Water Bottle

Yes, most campers know that having a water bottle is a pretty essential thing. But it doesn’t hurt to mention it. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that a water bottle isn’t any old empty container you grab out of the cupboard. A good hiking water bottle is one that fits comfortably on your body, ideally attached to your backpack. A good water bottle is also pretty inexpensive, so consider investing in one before you next trip.


If you’re going to take a torch, you might as well just take a headlamp, the two go together as well as fun and winning when taking a spin Australian online roulette tables. It might look a little goofy, but if someone brings it up, just remind them that you have two free hands to slap them with. Headlamps are absolutely essential, and their convenience in a campsite cannot be overstated.


Some prefer to go on holiday with as few electronic gadgets as possible, which is fair enough. It still doesn’t hurt to have a few powerbanks, in case of an emergency. The battery on your phone can easily be saved, simply by keeping it turned off. But when you need it on, and really don’t want it to go off again, you’ll be damn thankful to have a powerbank. Sadly, a good powerbank can be rather pricey. But this is a case of having something, rather than wishing you had that something, and not having it.

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