Gift Ideas For Campers

It can be difficult to decide what to gift the avid camper in your life.

They probably already have the essential items needed for an enjoyable camping trip (think sleeping bags, tents, and chairs), and so it’s best to instead gift them with fun and practical extras that will make their trip even more memorable and personal.

Below are our favourite “non-essential” camping gift ideas.

Shoes For Comfort

Every camper needs a pair of comfortable outdoor shoes.

Our top pick is Teva ReEmber Camp Shoes. They’re comfortable and cosy, and easy to slip on and off, which makes them perfect for those starry nights around the campfire.

They’re designed to resemble sleeping bag-meets-slipper and they can be worn either as a chill clog or a cushy slipper.

Food For Sustenance

The Campout Cookbook by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson will become our camper’s favourite cookbook in no time at all.

It contains unique recipes such as bootstrap bibimbap, green chile and cheese cornbread, and outdoor s’mores, as well as old favourites like chocolate graham-crackers and marshmallow rut.

But best of all are the colourful illustrations, camping tips, and funny stories.

Coffee To Live By

Since every ounce counts when it comes to the packing, most campers will happily leave behind their adored French press – and stick to lightweight instant coffee instead.

But instead of letting your favourite camper suffer through the day after a mundane morning brew, gift them with a wonderful cup of get-you-by coffee from Wildland.

Wildland’s joe comes in a tea-bag design and requires no extra equipment for the brewing.

For Camping Wine-Lovers

Chances are your favourite camper already has the perfect knife at the ready. But not many are likely to come kitted with a corkscrew at the ready.

For campers who love to pair their grub with a good wine, Opinel’s No. 10 Corkscrew Stainless Steel Folding Knife is the perfect gift.

On top of being a versatile utility knife, it has a nifty corkscrew built in the handle.

A Flask For Every Brew

Whether its joe or whiskey that ticks them over, the VSSL flask will get the job done.

It comes kitted out with an LED-flashlight, a couple of collapsible shot glasses, a compass, and a nine-ounce chamber for storing that favourite beverage of choice.

What’s more, you can even design your own VSSL flask by choosing size, colour, and gear tins. Plus, these flasks are practically indestructible, so they are perfect for a rugged hike and then relaxing and enjoying some NZ online roulette afterwards.

Lantern For Light

The Balmuda lantern is a functional must-have for the camper in your life.

It’s rechargeable, lightweight and stylish, and comes standard with a special dial that allows you to switch between powerful bright light and warm and ambient.

Socks For Warmth

Merino Wool Socks by Tough Cutie are made from merino wool, which every avid camper will tell you is just about the best material out there for hiking and spending time outdoors.

Best of all is that they’re 100% odour-resistant, and magically cool in the summer as well as snug and warm when the weather turns cold.