How To Find A Great Pair Of Hiking Boots

Anyone with any experience with hiking will attest to the fact that the quality of the boot makes all the difference. Climbing steep hills and walking for hours at a time, sometimes through extremely rough terrain, puts an enormous amount of strain on a pair of boots, so it’s important that they are durable to withstand the hike while also being comfortable.

There is a large variety of boots that can be found locally as well as online and doing the right research before making a purchase can make a world of difference. Let’s explore what a hiker should keep an eye out for when choosing a new pair of boots.

The Type of Material

Modern hiking boots are made from a wide range of different materials, and each one has its pros and cons. Synthetic materials, for instance, tend to be much cheaper, dry quicker, and break in faster, but are also prone to wearing out at a faster pace compared to leather hiking boots.

Leather is always a favourite and makes for an incredibly durable material that can last for many years. Leather boots, however, should never be taken on a hike straight after purchase, as they can take a long time to properly break in, and they need upkeep to remain at their best for long periods of time.

Comfort Is Key

Of course, any shoe is meant to be comfortable to wear, but given the harsh conditions and long hours that a hiker will need to endure, it’s absolutely vital that their boots are as comfortable as possible. While it might be tempting to purchase boots online, it’s almost always a better idea to look around locally, as this gives the hiker the chance to try the boots on.

Walking around the shop in them is a good idea, as it gives an idea of how comfortable the boot is and whether it’s the right size.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

There are a lot of hiking boots out there, and it can be easy to make a pair look quite durable, even if the material used to cheap and prone to early breakage. Try and aim for more expensive hiking boots – after all, the boots need to withstand a lot of punishment, and there’s nothing worse than having a boot fall apart halfway through a hike.

Branded boots can also be a good idea, but it’s always worth doing a bit of research and checking out online reviews, and maybe slip in a few rounds of Canadian slots online for real money.

Don’t Forget The Socks

Any good pair of hiking boots need to be paired with an appropriate set of socks, and fortunately there are a lot of high quality socks to choose from. When looking for boots, make sure to also check out the various socks on sale, and choose a pair that would complement the boots.

If it’s going to be cold, choose thick, thermal socks, and thinner socks if it’s going to be warmer.

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