Hiking as a Powerful Therapy Tool

Our day-to-day lives are pretty chaotic, immersed as we are in constant stimulation, and it can be tough to find some quiet time. Getting back to nature is a wonderful way to find not only silence, but the ensuing clarity and perspective that comes with it, and these can be powerful tools to surviving the inevitable ups and downs we all face.

Soothe and Clear Your Mind

Many hobbies allow us to check-out of our everyday concerns for a little while, including yoga, meditation, or even just winding down by playing Canada real money slots games.

The combination of hiking and the natural world is also a wonderful way to unclog your mind, and could well give you the space you need to see the bigger picture. Life is faster than it’s ever been and there’s the real chance that we simply overwhelm our brains with too much information. The clarity that hiking creates in us can allow for inspiration to pour in.

One of the most recognised classical composers and pianists of all time, Ludwig van Beethoven, found that taking a walk each day was crucial to his creativity. He took daily strolls along with a pencil and a piece of paper so he could catch ideas as they came to him.

Become More Mindful

When you’re out in nature you’ll find birds serenading you, and this experience, the release of serotonin into your brain from the exercise you’re taking, and the fresh air will stimulate you more than another double flat white while you’re hunched over at your desk ever could!

Hiking reconnects us with the earth, and you may find yourself starting to feel more responsible for its protection and preservation. It’s also a wonderful way to reaffirm and rediscover our passion projects, and see just how incredible the planet we live on is.

Get Rejuvenated and Cultivate More Happiness

Numerous studies have proven how beneficial exercise is for one’s mental state, and how those who make a habit of engaging in physical activity have a more positive outlook on life. What’s great about hiking, in particular, is that no matter what shape you’re in, you’ll be able to reap these benefits from even a short excursion.

As you breathe in the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors you’ll start feeling that much more alive and may well find that you’re far better equipped to handle the inevitable vagaries of your daily routine upon your return.

Nature Gives Great Advice

This was true for Ilan Shamir, the author of Advice From a Tree. During an unsettled period of his life, he found himself leaning against a 100-year old cottonwood tree, desperately asking it if there was any help it could give. As a result of this experience, Shamir found himself suddenly becoming aware of the guidance all around him, and he ended up publishing his findings. One of the nuggets of wisdom In his book speaks of going out on a limb, literally, or putting oneself in an isolated position in support of something or someone you believe in.

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