Cool Hiking Gadgets

There are some fantastic gadgets on the market that make hiking better than ever. Let’s take a look:

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

This is an excellent companion for any hiker and can do a myriad of jobs.  It has 15 stainless steel tools that includes a bottle and can opener, screwdriver, scissors and tweezers.

Having a Swiss Army Knife is almost like having a tool kit in your pocket.  It is small enough to fit into a pocket or hiking bag and is a great asset for any hiker.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire GPS

This is a great gadget for the serious hiker and adventurer.  It is made to last and is made from stainless steel.  Not only does it function as a watch it also has outdoor sensors for GPS as well as satellite reception.

It features a 3 axis compass and gyroscope with a barometric altimeter that will give hiker’s accurate elevation levels.  This watch also has multiple apps and comes with software.  Hikers can also make use of the heart rate monitoring and it also has a work out tracker.  Not only is it useful for hiking activities but also useful for sports like swimming and jogging.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

This is an incredible tool for any avid hiker and opens up the world of mapping and positioning by means of GPS technology.  This GPS has TOPO US 100k maps and also utilises a global base map that comes preloaded with the gadget.

The maps on the GPS are interactive which lets hikers experience the terrain.  It also has a 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter.  Included in the GPS is a camera with optional Bluetooth.

Changhu Emergency Survival Kit

This kit is a must have, and has 11 different types of multi tools such as flint stones, multi-functional scraper and luminous compass, portable mini light, military knife, saber card, whistle for emergencies and all of this comes in a shockproof case.

The kit also includes an emergency thermal blanket that is made from non-toxic reusable material and is both waterproof and windproof.  There is also an emergency pen in the kit.

Solar Power Charger Bank

The day hiker will probably not need this unless a long hike is anticipated or they want to relax along the way, check their messages or enjoy a bit of online blackjack in an exotic location.  The power pack has a power bank of 2400mah and so any hiker will always have power.

This charger can charge an iPhone more than seven times and an iPad mini more than three times when the power bank is fully charged.  The charger is 100% safe and offers protection against short-circuiting.  There is an auto-stop so that the device does not get overcharged.

Sawyer Mini Filtration System

This is a great addition to any hiker’s backpack.  This will make undrinkable water 99.9% safe from bacteria such as salmonella and cholera, and also removes 99.9% protozoa.  The filter is small and only weighs two ounces.

It attaches to a drinking pouch and disposable water bottles.  There is also a straw that can be used to drink directly from any water source.

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