What Are Good Gifts For People Who Like Hiking?

Hikers are a curious breed: they’re always outdoors, they love weird obstacles such as chains as well as scrambles. In addition, they are OBSESSED with their favourite gear. Ask any hiker what their favourite hiking gear is and they’ll perhaps spit out a recommendation which has at least four words in it.

Goes without saying that choosing the best gifts for hikers can be challenging as whatever you give needs to be able to withstand many, many miles of adventures. Luckily, as avid hikers ourselves, we’ve compiled this guide to the best hiking gifts that your loved ones will actually use out on the trails.

Portable Solar Panel

With four solar panels, this type of solar panel can be charged in sunlight and between four and five times faster as opposed to the single-panel chargers. It is a fantastic partner for your outside activities and day hikes.

This solar panel automatically and intelligently detects the current of the dual output port to provide optimal charging output for you. It protects your device from overheating, over-current, overvoltage and short-circuiting. The built-in reliable and bright LED light serves as a convenient solution if you need a light at night. That can charge their smartphone and other gadgets.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

The only item which a hiker really needs to get out on the trails is a good set of shoes. A set of waterproof hiking boots is one of the best hiking gifts for an adventurer who loves to be outdoors, rain or shine.


This is the best water filter for those backcountry hikers. The hollow fibre membrane tech inside of the LifeStraw keeps you safe and sound during outdoor adventures. All of the filters are rigorously tested.

This little gadget will transform 4 000 litres of contaminated water into clean – as well as safe – drinking water. That is far more water than the average person drinks in a year! It’s ultra-lightweight, small, and easily packable. An excellent hiking gift!

Trekking Poles

Hikers often face trails and conditions where extra support is extremely helpful. That’s why one of the most useful gifts for hikers is a set of durable, portable trekking poles.

Tough Merino Wool Hiking Socks

These merino wool knit hiking crew socks are very soft and incredibly stretchy. They will make the perfect present for hikers, outdoor walkers, and keeping your feet dry, warm and comfortable all day—the ultimate fibre for breathability and comfort in all conditions.

Day Pack

Hikers need to carry gear, water, snacks, a phone for safety and playing at https://onlinebingoaustralia.org/ and extra clothing for longer hikes. Having a day pack that feels good and distributes weight evenly is absolutely critical. Plus, they definitely don’t want to carry all their stuff in your hands while they’re scrambling up rocks, right?

First Aid Kit

The external kit map and Easy Care Organization System let you quickly find what you need in an emergency, while the reflective design makes this first aid kit easy to find, even in the dark. This first aid kit is designed particularly to treat sportsmen’s common injuries.

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