Snacks to Pack for Hiking

Hiking is an activity that requires strength and energy and eating correctly and knowing what to pack is an important part of enjoying your hike.

First on the list is how much food to take.  Experts say around 2 500 to 4 500 calories is required per person, for each day, and will also depend on your weight and the difficulty of the hike. It is also important that you do not pack too much food as this will lead to you having to carry extra weight, which is never a good idea, unless you’ve won big playing the online pokies NZ and can afford a sherpa!

Plan Carefully

Take food that you enjoy, now is not the time to try out new things.  If you are thinking of going on a diet of any kind, doing this before or on your hike is not the right time as you will need to have enough energy and water to make sure you do not get headaches or become fatigued.  For long hikes carbohydrates and proteins are a better option, like nuts and dried fruit.

Packing your food can also make a difference.  You may want to think about repackaging your food into plastic bags that reseal to minimise the weight in your backpack as well as keep garbage to a minimum.  Take some extra time to label the bags with how to cook the food.  Simple is always best when on a hike.  Preparing food should be easy so keep it easy and take food that does not need to be cooked just in case.

Tips for Hiking Food

Having enough water is crucial and will depend on the length of your hike and which area you are hiking in.  Cooking fuel is also needed if you intend making things like pasta, potatoes or rice, as these can take long to cook.  Instead of cooking food from scratch it may be good to buy freeze-dried meals that may cost a little more but worth it to save time and fuel.

When you are on a hike you do not have a refrigerator and will need to pack food that may only last one day, depending on the length of your hike.  Dry food like noodles, quick cook rice and drink mixes are quick to prepare and provide a healthy meal after a long day.  They also do not take up too much space in your pack.  As mentioned, freeze-dried foods are the most convenient, easy to prepare and provide a great meal.

Canned food like vacuum-sealed pouches or tins of meat can be a good accompaniment to rice.  Cans can be heavy and take space though so keep those to a minimum.

Flavoured beverages can be a nice change from plain water and powdered mixes are great and do not take up much space.

Finally, when hiking in winter remember to pack extra food to keep you going as your body needs more fuel.

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