Top Hiking Trails In Thailand

When people think of a holiday in Thailand, many immediately think of the great beaches, the amazing temples and the massive markets for shopping. This beautiful nation also has some incredible mountains that make brilliant hiking trails.

If you’re in search of some outdoor adventure, then make sure that you think further than the beaches on your trip to Thailand.

1. Doi Mon Jong

This is known as the golden mountain thanks to the incredible sunrises and sunsets that you can view from the top. The colors of the sky change to dramatic hues of gold and orange, turning all the lush greenery around you to match the sky. It’s well worth spending the night in the area so that you can witness this for yourself. There is accommodation in the area and it’s also possible to camp on the mountainside overnight.

December and January are considered the best months for hiking the trail because you also get to see the rhododendron in bloom at this time. The hike is not the easiest, and you reach a height of 1 929 meters on the tallest peak. Doi Mon Jong is located in Chiang Mai, in the Nanthaburi district.

2. The Umphang Valley

You can really head off the beaten track here, with trails between remote villages all along the Mae Klong River. You can also take guided tours that walk you up the valley and bring you back on rafts on the river. It’s quite the treat to get away from the cities and see the truly rural side of Thailand.

Once in this region, you have to visit the Ti Lo Su waterfall. It’s considered one of the biggest and most spectacular in the entire country. The waterfall has several tiers of rocky outcrops, causing the water to cascade over obstacles again and again on its way down.

3. Phu Kradueng

The name of the mountain translates to Bell Mountain, named so because of the shape of the peak. It’s located at the heart of the Phu Kradueng National Park in the Loei Province in the northeast of the country. Many visitors hike to the top of the mountain and then camp there for a few nights to enjoy the full beauty of the area.

The hike starts of fairly easily, just like mobile betting, but it gets steeper and more challenging as you go, usually taking about six hours to complete. The Park even hands out free wooden walking sticks to everyone heading to the top.

4. Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail

Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand at 2 565 meters, and this trail takes you on a beautiful, winding route around and up it. You can take it slow and enjoy some time away from the city, or you can go for the full adventure and hike the entire length of the trail.

Either way, you will need to hire a guide to show you the way. Again, January to March is the right time to come because of the rhododendrons flowering.

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