Making A Vehicle Ready For An Adventure

Modern transportation has completely changed modern life in more ways than most people can begin to imagine. Not only has it allowed us to travel to places that our ancestors would never be able to reach in a lifetime, and not only does it allow us to get to work every day, but it has also given us the freedom to explore the great outdoors like never before.

When preparing for a new adventure in the wilderness, it’s important that every piece of gear has been thoroughly checked, including any vehicles that are going with. Here we will look at some points to keep in mind to prepare a vehicle for a few days out in the wild.

Checking Tyres

Without functioning tyres, a vehicle is not able to go anywhere, and while having a flat tyre in the city is usually not such a big deal, it can make all the difference when a camper or hiker is many miles from civilisation. So it pays to take the time to check that all of the tyres are in good condition.

This starts with making sure that all the tyres are at the correct pressure, and that there are no slow leaks. The tread should also be checked, as a smooth tyre can be extremely dangerous and is more prone to being punctured. Lastly, a spare wheel is a must, as it means being able to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Fluid Checks

The next step to take is to check all of the various fluids that the car needs to run properly. Motor oil is one of the most important, and this can easily be checked and topped up if necessary. Coolant is another important fluid, allowing the vehicle’s engine to remain at a stable temperature.

While topping up the coolant is an option, it’s usually better to have it drained, flushed, and fresh coolant added. Other fluids, such as the gearbox oil, and power steering fluid should be fine, as these are usually sorted out during a service, meaning that you can instead use the time to play roulette in Canada.

Testing The Brakes

The brakes of the vehicle need to be maintained as much as possible, as there’s nothing quite as dangerous as failing breaks, especially while out in the middle of nowhere. This can easily be done at home, but it might be worth taking it into a professional brake mechanic so that they can give the brake pads, discs, and hoses a full inspection to ensure everything is working as intended.

Pack Extra Fuel

Having a jerry can of extra fuel has saved a lot of people, and while a quality jerry can might be expensive, it’s always worth the investment. It’s important to get the right jerry can for the fuel of the vehicle, as it’s not usually a good idea to store diesel in a can that was designed to hold petrol.

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