Encountering Wild Bears While Hiking & Camping

While this isn’t a problem that all campers from around the world are going to face, there are plenty of countries out there that have healthy bear populations, and these populations typically inhabit areas that make for fantastic and memorable camping.

Lots of experienced campers out there will most likely have encountered bears at one point or another, but the encounters are usually not serious provided the campers or hikers have taken the right precautions. Here we will look at methods of keeping bears at bay while out in the great outdoors.

Choosing The Right Areas

One of the easiest ways of avoiding potential bear encounters is by choosing the right area to set up camp. Due to the fact that bears are fairly large creatures, they tend to leave plenty of evidence if they’ve been in a specific place.

Looking for bear droppings is the first place to start, as well as any destruction to nearby foliage, as well as tracks on the ground. It’s also a good rule of thumb to avoid camping close to any bushes that have lots of berries on them, or close to a lake, as most wild bears tend to get a lot of their food out of fresh water.

Storing Food

One of the main reasons that bears will approach a group of campers is because they are carrying food, which is why it’s vital to store food in a way that prevents the bears not just from smelling it, but from having access to it once the campers have gone to sleep for the night. A bear hang is a popular method of storing food at night and involves hanging the food in a watertight bag from a branch that is out of the reach of the bears.

Bear kegs are also a popular choice, and are airtight containers that prevent roaming bears from being able to smell the food within. Bears rely on their sense of smell to locate food, and if they can’t smell the food, they’re unlikely to take the risk of entering a campsite.

Campers should also remember to keep their campsite as clean as possible. Leaving bits of food lying around, as well as dirty cooking utensils, has the potential to bring in a hungry bear. Take the time to ensure that the campsite is completely spotless at all times of the day, but especially before going to bed, as bears are more likely to wander in at night.

Bear Spray

Another item to always take with is bear spray, which is a carefully formulated aerosol spray that’s usually enough to deter a curious bear, giving the camper peace of mind so they can enjoy real money pokies Australia instead.

In many national parks around the world, bear spray is highly recommended for campers to take with, regardless of what part of the year it is. It’s easy to carry around, it’s easy to apply, and it should usually be more than enough to keep the campsite clean.

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